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How can International Students apply?

For international parents and students, entry into the British system can be even more challenging than usual.

Boarding schools should be and generally are exceedingly pleased to welcome overseas pupils. Quite apart from bringing the world to Britain, their patronage almost certainly saved a fair few establishments from going under when the financial crisis was at its worst.

British boarding schools have never enjoyed a higher standing abroad. Each year thousands of pupils from all over the world pile in for a taste of the boarding experience, and that experience is much better than it used to be.

Major rethinks on how pupils are cared for and substantial investment in facilities (much of it compulsory following the imposition of new regulations) have seen the best bits of tradition retained and some of the less attractive aspects banished forever.

Pastoral care is now given as much prominence as academic standards. Newly refurbished accommodation is bordering on luxurious (but do not expect many en-suite bathrooms) and the transformation of school food is nothing short of miraculous, though fish and chips and custard, separately, of course, remain culinary fixtures.

Before completing your registration form and committing your chunky deposit, it i always worth checking that you know what you are buying & whether it will suit your family and importantly your child.