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Ten reasons why parents choose an independent school

Independent Schools charge fees but are favoured by many because:

01 Greater Parental Choice

When choosing an independent school, parents have a wider choice than with state schools, although ultimately it is the school who chooses to accept students or not.

02 High Academic Standards

The academic standard of independent school has long proven to be higher than that of state school alternatives.

03 Fewer Pupils Per Class

A common issue within state schools is class size and pupil numbers – Independent schools negate this problem, allowing tutors to provide your child with much more of their attention and time.

04 Extracurricular Activities

Independent schools offer a vast variety of extracurricular activities for your child to get involved with and excel at, often amongst lifetime friends.

05 Sport For All

Sport for all is usually actively encouraged. Most Independent schools offer a range of activities to ensure there is something for every child.

06 Location

Often the location of an independent school is idyllic, offering students a relaxing and encouraging environment in which to undertake their studies.

07 World Class Facilities

At many independent schools, there are often world class facilities for students to use both in and out of their studies and leisure time.

08 Range of Choice

Parents have a wide choice of independent schools in which to send their children. Usually, a choice of day, boarding or a mix of the two.

09 Network Opportunities

10 Academic Entrance Requirements Assistance