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Useful Resources for English 11 Plus

General Resources

  • General Resources from the BBC cover spelling, reading and writing, and also lesson plans for teachers that can be adapted for use if you are home tutoring your child
  • BBC Schools – Spellits offers spelling games for ages 7 – 11
  • Alien Hangman is a game that children simply love!
  • BBC – Words and Pictures is a helpful resource to develop spelling skills in younger children.
  • Free Rice is an American website and as such, we would not normally recommend it for practice in English, but the concept of donating a grain of rice for every correct answer has huge appeal for children. An adult should spend a few minutes working with the child when they first use the website to point out the variations between US and English spelling, such as the different use of the letter s and z (familiarisation vs. familiarization) and the lack of the letter “u” in words such as “favour” and “favor”. It also covers several other curriculum topics that are useful for the 11+ including grammar, maths and multiplication tables.
  • IXL: uk.ixl.com
  • MockExam: https://www.mockexam.uk