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Welcome letter from the Director of Studies

I am delighted to welcome you to Nosce Education. As school placement specialists we know that the proverbial rollercoaster of choosing the right school for your child can sometimes feel like a task best suited to a psychic.

My ultimate hope is that after finding Nosce, you will feel less mystified than before.

During our time as school placement specialists we have become absolutely sure of two things when it comes to choosing the perfect school:

  1. Following the crowd “just because” (no matter how tempting) is almost always a disaster
  2. Nothing is more important than really considering who you hope your child will become five years from now.


Academic hothouses get a bad rep, but they can be fantastic for a child genius, and torturous for the victim of a blindly ambitious parent. If you want to see your little one covered in mud exploring parkland and climbing trees then don’t choose a nursery in the centre of Marylebone.

A little logic never hurts anyone, and a little strategy benefits everyone. Look at where a prep school feeds to. If 30 percent of pupils are off to St Paul’s your chances of moving there or somewhere equally stretching are better than a prep where 80 per cent go to an obscure senior down the road.

Never skimp on tuition, 1 hour a week with someone brilliant is worth 4 with a graduate who doesn’t have any teaching experience. Be realistic and prioritise, are manners and a perfect uniform at the top of your list or would you rather a 21st century dose of warmth and familiarity? Big or small , old or new , single sex or co ed? There are a million choices and we will make sure you choose the one that is right for you.

Be organised, you never have as much time as you imagine, tuition should begin in the academic year before entry (if you find after an academic assessment that you need it).

Customer Reviews

Fabulous. Eton entry tuiton by a former Etonian – simple

Mr James Du Boulay

Nosce has some of the best tutors in the business! Dr Kate is an absolute whiz. She brought Daniel out of his shell and gave him the confidence he needed in English literature and for interviews.

Mr R Garcia

Thank you for all your hard work. We left everything far too late but Nosce managed to bag us a place at Badminton three months in advance. Miracles do happen.

Ellie Y

School choices should be cemented even earlier than that – Eton expects you to have your ducks in a row a whopping three years in advance! Be tactical, apply somewhere that is likely to have wiggle room on the waitlist. Your child and your family are individuals , try not to worry too much about what other parents you know are looking for. Do you prefer green space or a stratospheric reputation? Would you rather have great A Level results or tradition and gravitas? must it be both? Either way, I hope this site starts you off on the right track – and when you are finished reading, myself and the rest of the School Placement Team at Nosce will be thrilled to help you over the finish line.

Good Luck!

Oriel Eden Octave – Director of Consulting