What are Star Assessments?

Star assessments is a Computer-adaptive “super test” used to measure literacy, reading and maths by over 15,000 schools across the UK and Ireland, Until now results have always been used internally and kept sealed by teachers.

Due to COvid-19 , and in association with Nosce Education this staple of the National curriculum is being made available to parents for the first time in its history.

The Assessments will be able to provide you with reliable data showing progress made by your child and if they are on track to meet expected standards in the national curriculum. It will help instantly identify learning gaps such as those arising from COVID-19 closures and disruption.

With the possibility of future school disruption, we have you covered!


Nosce Report and Home-schooling Plan

In 2019 millions of children across the country had their schooling interrupted, resulting in large gaps of knowledge , dips in attainment and parents who have become increasingly worried about academic progress.

At Nosce, we find ourselves frequently being asked. Can we still pass the 11+? Are we above average in maths? How can we improve? Are we strong enough to consider St Paul’s or Westminster? What is our weakest point?

In the current climate we needed a way of answering these questions for you OBJECTIVELY and CLEARLY.

We have been working closely with renaissance learning to give parents a comprehensive picture of every child’s academic attainment level.

The star assessment and Nosce Report is a single solution tool, that will enable parents to see how their child’s academics have been affected , even how they compare with children in the Independent school system (should you wish to know)then and a corresponding tuition plan to correct the gaps.


Any questions?

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