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The STAR Assessment: Understand What Your Child Needs to Succeed

The Star assessment is a government-approved, online test based on the National Curriculum that can be taken at home. It covers English, Maths and Reading.

The data from the test is used to provide you with a broad picture of what your child can and cannot do, where their gaps are in understanding, and the topics they will need to focus on in the future to improve and bring them up to the standard required for their age. The assessment also provides you with a “percentile rank” which shows how your child compares to other children their own age nationally.

The test is used by over 15,000 schools in the UK and is taken by millions of children each year. However, schools never release results to parents and instead use them internally to structure learning. Nosce has decided to change that and give parents the chance to see results and give them the instructions they need to interpret them.

We hope that this will shape the future of homeschooling – post-Covid 19.

  • STAR Assessments

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Computer-Adaptive Tests for Reading, Maths & Early Literacy

They can be used for progress monitoring and intervention, reporting results immediately to help inform planning and teaching.

Used by over 1 million children in Primary and Secondary schools across the UK. Star Assessments have been found by over 50 independent research studies to be valid and reliable.


What Our Clients Said

Find out what some of our most recent customers had to say about Star Assessments from NOSCE.

“Thanks NOSCE”


“Now we can see exactly what Charlie has been struggling with Maths wise and star tuition to get his scores up!”


“Fantastic – we are aiming for St Paul’s next year and the star assessment has put my mind at rest!”


“Exactly what we needed! I can now see clearly where Ollie’s weak spots are and what we need to do to help him improve. The rest was quick and easy to take.”


“Every parent should be using the results of this test to get back on track”



How to Take a Star Assessment

Purchase Your Star Assessment

You will receive your confirmation email within 2 hours. This will contain your username & password for the Star Assessment test page.

Active After 24 Hours

Your account is ready to use after 24 hours. Click on the link in your confirmation email and login with your username & pasword.

Give Your Child Space & Time

Allow them to work through the Reading & Maths tests, quietly and methodically. Each test will take 30 minutes.

Receiving Results

Your Star Assessment Report will be sent to you email within 48 hours, and this will include the test results and a guide to help understand results.

Broaden Their Minds

See how your child compares with millions of others at their age, and focus on specific areas to improve their academic attainment.

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  • STAR Assessments

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Benefits of Using Star Assessments

Guaranteed Time-Saving

Computer-adaptive, no marking required
Instant Results

Personalised Testing

1 test, 1 scale
From Reception to the end of Secondary
Compare all students on the same scale
Personalised and relevant for each student

Accurate Placement

Know exactly if students are making expected progress and how likely they are to meet Year grout expectations.
Identify where students are in the curriculum and what they should be learning next.

For whom is the test designed?

Years 1-12, also for students in nursery who have basic reading skills.

What content is on the test?

  • Word Knowledge and Skills
  • Comprehension Strategies and Constructing Meaning
  • Analysing Literacy Text
  • Understanding Author’s Craft
  • Analysing Argument and Evaluating Text

For whom is the test designed?

Years 1-12, also for students in nursery who have basic reading and math skills.

What content is on the test?

  • Numbers
  • Operations
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability

Predict your 11 Plus, 13 Plus, Common Entrance & SATs Results with Accuracy

We have carried out an extensive research study that compares pupils’ Star scores with their exam results, ensuring 89% accuracy in Maths, 79% in reading and 82% in SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar).

The research was carried out with results from over 12,000 children in over 500 schools.

Accurate and Detailed Assessment Data

Star Maths gives you access to an accurate set of data to inform your teaching and your children’s maths practice:

  • National Curriculum Maths Level
  • Norm Referenced Standardised Score: How a child compares nationally with others of similar age.
  • Percentile Rank: A norm-referenced score that provides a measure of how a child’s score compares with other children of the same age nationally.
  • Most Suitable Year Group Maths Library: Star Maths works hand-in-hand with Accelerated Maths Live, identifying which practice items are more suitable for a child.
  • Scaled Scores: A measure of a child’s progress against the expected standards in the new maths curriculum.

Get Reliable Maths Data in Less Time

Renaissance Star Maths is a computer-adaptive assessment, using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics to adjust dynamically to each child’s unique responses. The tests can be taken at any time throughout the year and as often as results are required.

  • Valid and Reliable: Star Reading incorporates Core Progress Learning progressions, an empirically validated description of how learning typically advances in reading. The learning progressions have been built for the new national curriculum in collaboration with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).
  • Fast: It takes as little as 20 minutes to reveal what your child needs to do to reach their curriculum benchmarks.
  • Actionable: Meet all your testing needs in one assessment, generating concise reports on screening, benchmarking, child growth and progress monitoring to inform planning.

A Robust and Detailed Report

Use the Star Reading report generated after the test, to identify attainment levels, target instruction and improve performance.

Take for example the Screening Report here, which identifies and classifies student A into categories based on national benchmarks, grouping them into a range of ability levels, from urgent intervention to gifted and talented.

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  • STAR Assessments

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)